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Le Clos is a reflection of our encounters in the four corners of France and Navarre. A mix of our favorites. Come and discover this place which is the fruit of our summer getaways.

Slow  & gentle 

In Touraine angevine des  unusual accommodations in the middle of a rural village, welcome you for slow tourism. Located on the edge of a Regional Park, with its castles, its forests, the Loire, its wines, invite you for an exquisite laziness...

Le Clos des Verrières (11).JPG

Cabins like this...


  All our cabins were built by self-construction.Recovery, or reuse,

  local and sustainable were our leitmotif   to finalize the constructions.

Certainly minimalists,

but for cozy comfort! 

Le Clos des Verrières (24).JPG
Le Clos des Verrières. la cuisine commune.JPG
Le ClosdesVerrières, cuisine commune, hebergement insolite, espace partagé, bibliothèque jeux de société, détente lieux insolites,

  Shared space!


During your stay at Le Clos des Verrières you will have a common area available to prepare your meals. (refrigerator, stove, crockery, everything needed to prepare breakfast and dinner.)

A washing machine, to help you. Also a library   and games for fans!

Backed by the common area you will find all the amenities for the shower and the toilets.

Toilets sèches  have been specially built in the garden to complete your comfort and also "display" our convictions on recycling and wasting water!

Le Clos des Verrières (47).JPG

Space  Sanitary

  It is with an ecological reflection that this space has been fitted out by reusing objects. Practical and always functional, they lead us into a not so distant nostalgia. Ocher and lime give pride of place to the finishes.

Le Clos des Verrières, douche presto, enduit chaux aerienne tadelakt, peinture à la farine, porte serviettes, savon noir,
Le Clos des Verrières, hebergement tourisme lent, lavabo d'école, provendi porte savon,
Le Clos des Verrières.JPG

 Le Clos des Verrières

Le Clos-des-Verrieres LOGO


  Unusual & minimalist cottage

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